Posted by: Boston Bravery | January 5, 2017

The last 48 hours has my head spinning

“The last 48 hours has my head spinning. First the House Republicans brazenly attempted to gut the independent ethics committee, which was a stunning start to the Congress to say the least. Then after Americans showed we are too smart for this to be slipped by us, Trump with the stroke of a few keys on Twitter tried to claim credit for changing the mind of House Republicans.

Whoa… I would say that the irony of Republicans being reprimanded on ethics by Trump is rich, but that would be me being politically correct, which I hear is out of vogue these days. So let me call it what is is: hypocrisy.

Yes Congress needs oversight and strict rules to prevent conflicts of interests, shame on the House Republicans for their efforts to undo these safeguards, but did you know that the President is exempt from these ethics rules? We need the President of the United States to abide by the highest standard. President elect Trump has yet to release his tax returns, has yet to take real steps to avoid conflicts of interest with his businesses, has filled his cabinet with oilmen and Goldman Sachs executives while claiming to “drain the swamp”. Trump believes the rules do not apply to him, so why is anybody surprised when the House Republicans ask for the same treatment as the President elect? 

Share this post and demand that President elect Trump abide by the same rules. 

Trump’s breathtaking hypocrisy ought to be the biggest part of this story, but again the media seems to be out to lunch and he is being painted as a hero in this troubling saga. So I am asking that you share this post on facebook and make Trump’s hypocrisy the real story as we join together to demand that President elect Trump play by the same rules.” ~ Jared Polis, Representative (D-CO 2nd District) since 2009


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