Posted by: Boston Bravery | December 21, 2016

Investigations reveal startling scope of lead in drinking water

Last night on PBS Newshour the did a story on safe drinking water, “Well, it turns out Flint is not alone in having a lead contamination problem. Two recent news investigation find two startling numbers. A Reuters investigation of lead levels in blood found nearly 3,000 areas in the country with contamination levels higher than those in Flint.”

“What — the rationale that I have heard for the difference in the rules is the resource difference.

There’s a vastly different — vastly different resources between the large water systems in big cities and these small water systems which only serve a few thousand people. I mean, some of them are run by folks who may have another full-time job.”

The one example presented in the story was Ranger, Texas which is in Eastland County.

Eastland County

100% Reporting

R D. Trump 86.6%
D H. Clinton 11.2%
L G. Johnson 1.7%
G J. Stein 0.4%

Why does it matter to this story who the citizen of Ranger, Tx voted for? Because as the Daily Caller reported on Dec. 3,”Not only is Trump looking to roll back Obama-era regulations, the incoming administration reportedly has plans to fundamentally reform major decades-old environmental laws: The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.”

The citizens affected by this story want less government and are willing to take the risk of poisonous drinking water.


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