Posted by: Boston Bravery | January 9, 2011

More Jobs Created in 2010 Then in the 8 years of Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009

President Obama and the Democratic Congress have created “more jobs in 2010 than President Bush did over eight years.”  Indeed, from February 2001, Bush’s first full month in office, through January 2009, his last, the economy added just 1 million jobs. By contrast, in 2010 alone, the economy added at least 1.1 million jobs. This chart, produced by Pelosi’s office, demonstrates the difference between the Bush administration and the Obama administration on jobs:

“Today’s jobs report provides evidence that the policies of the Democratic-led Congress are helping to create jobs and revitalize our economy – adding more jobs in 2010 than President Bush did over eight years,” Pelosi, D-California, said.  “Building on the progress of the December jobs numbers – marking the last full month of Democratic leadership of the House – we will continue to measure every proposal by whether it creates jobs, strengthens our middle class, and reduces the deficit.”



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