Posted by: Boston Bravery | September 18, 2010

Tea Party, Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians Put the Cart Before the Horse

I finally put it all together in way that I could write it down so it made sense.  There are all these Republican candidate that won their primaries because they have gotten support from the “un-organized”,  “grass root” TEA party.  If you don’t know TEA stands for Tax Enough Already.  It is suppose to harkin back the Boston Tea Party that started the revolution that is responsible for the birth of our nation.  The reality is that the TEA Party of today and Boston Tea Party have nothing in common other than they both have Tea and Party in the title.

Let’s focus on the Senate because national media hasn’t really began to cover the House races yet.  The spot light has been on Rand Paul,  Marco Rubio, Ken Buck, Sharon Angle, and added this week Christine O’Donnell.  I will group these candidates as follows Rand Paul and Marco Rubio fiscal conservative and likely to win their seats.  Ken Buck as far as a can tell is just crazy.  Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell social conservatives.  Buck, Angle and O’Donnell have a snow balls chance in hell of wining.

So why did I title this with “put the cart before the horse”?  When it comes to economics they are all running reducing taxes because I guess we are all taxed too much now when most people don’t pay any income taxes or pay less than 14% annually.  Marco Rubio has come out with this 12 point plan that will increase the deficit by $3.4 trillion by 2020.   So the cart these candidates have is lowering taxes and it is a bright shiny cart that looks like a Bugatti Veyron (see picture below).  It is the most expensive car in the world.  However the horse is a Hyundai Accent the cheapest car.  What is the Hyundai horse that they are hiding behind Bugatti Veyron cart?  What they call “small government”.  Sounds great until you have it and  it will cost you more than you thought because it is in the shop and you are taking public transit every day while making car payments.

Why do I call the “small government” that the Tea Party, etc. is peddling a Hyundai that is always in the shop? What they mean by “small government” on the federal level is no entitlement programs (Social Security and Medicare), no department of education, no FCC, no FDA, no IRS, no NASA, etc.  Basically it means everything the federal government does that is not in the department of defense and maybe the state department should be shut down.  They do leave the branches of government the courts, legislative and executive but they should be doing very little.

Sounds great right?  The federal government is the largest employer in the country with 7.7 million employees in 2006.  It maybe a few more or less now.  So basically the TEA Party congress just added let say 6.7 million people to the unemployment line.  Oh wait there is no unemployment line anymore because unemployment is a government-run insurance programs that employers pay in to that the TEA Party congress just shut down.  So really the TEA Party congress just put and additional 6.7 million on the street with no safety net what so ever.  And the 14 million already unemployed are now on the street with them.  This of course doesn’t include they families that are supported by these 21 million people.

Hope the private social service programs are ready. Oh wait, by they way those social programs have also lost all funding they received from the federal government.  So most of their staff is also out on the street too and most if not all have shut down.  Let’s continue down the road to the private sector.  The federal government isn’t only the largest employer it is also the largest consumer of products.  So now the private sector is losing jobs and companies are shutting their doors.  Of course we should go the state and local levels now all the funding the federal government provides these entities is now gone.  Even more people on the street with less and fewer services being provide like police, fire, emergency services, schools, etc.

So why do we want to go down this road?  We don’t even 2/3 of the TEA Party members don’t want their entitlement programs touched.  Are these candidates really going to change everything?  No they won’t be in office very long.  Because basically the horse they are hiding behind that shiny pretty cart is dead and been kicked many times throughout the history of this country.  If they actually do what they are saying there will be a revolution again in this country.

What we should be asking these candidates to do is put their horse out front for everyone to see.  Ask them how they plan to cut taxes and lower the deficit at the same time?  Which by the way the Democratically control congress and executive branch have done.  98% of us are paying less taxes now and that is what this congress and President want to continue and the deficit is down 13% in August 2010.


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