Posted by: Boston Bravery | July 23, 2010

Another Stupid Rasmussen Poll

Rasmussen is reporting that 75% say free markets are better than government management of economy.

I was going to start of explaining how poor of pollister Rasmuusen is and how screwed his polls generally are to his own political and social beliefs.  If you want to understand the issues around Rasmussen polling read Nate Silver on  From my own experience, I get Rasmussen’s daily summary email when I first starting getting the email I noticed a trend that if a poll results of a campaign had a Democrat leading that the party affiliation of the candidates was left out of the headline of the poll article, while when a Republican was in the lead the party affiliations was included.  Though in more recent emails this issues has been corrected.  The fact remains that Rasmussen is just slightly more creditable than Andrew Breitbart.

The real issue is the free market verses government management economy.  There is no one in this world that has lived in a free market economy that hasn’t been managed by a government.  The only place a completely free market existed is in Ayn Rand’s fictional writings.   So how does anyone know they prefer a free market to government managed economy?  It has only existed in fiction.

Let’s look at what has happened in the last 30 years since the United States as been moving toward a free market economy with less government management.  We have had wide swings in unemployment and completely unpredictable market.  It has been a complete boom and bust existence.  Which every real economist will tell you is the reality of an un-government managed economy.   To support an un-government managed economy you have to ignore, the banking crises in the late 1980’s and at the end 2008.  Then you have to ignore the oil that that poured into the Gulf of Mexico for the past couple of months.  Just to name a couple of issues that have happened as we have deregulated the economy in the United States.  Chile is another country that has tried to have an economy that is unmanaged by government.  To support a un-government managed you have to ignore the problems in Chile with the large earthquake earlier this year.  Homes that were built during the time when the government was managing and regulating home building in Chile are still standing.  While those built after Chile decided to have an un-government managed economy didn’t survive the earthquake.

Finally what amazes me about these un-government managed economy supporters is that most also have nostalgia for the 1950’s United States.  Which is when the United States’s economy was extremely managed by the government.  Yes in a government managed economy you give up  a little but you gain stability.


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