Posted by: Boston Bravery | July 7, 2010

Daily Show Promotion Back Fire

On Monday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart Denis Leary made the following comment quoting Steven Pasquale, “‘What are you talking about? We’re fags!’ He goes, ‘We pretend to be brave guys. What are you talkin’ about?’ So I thought that really summed it up, you know?”  The Daily Show is generally supportive of LGBT equality.  Given Leary’s continue slurs towards the gay community is a good way to make sure that less people will watch his series, Rescue Me.

Pasquale and his wife, Laura Benanti have done everything to disclaim the comment, on Twitter Benanti wrote, “Denis Leary told a story on the daily show and said my hubbie used a homophobic slur.  False! Steve has never and would never speak that way.”  In Pasquale’s own words, “I am an actor, and I live and work in New York City. I can honestly say that half the people I know, love and respect are gay. I simply didn’t say it. I’m not capable of saying it, anymore than describing my black friends as the ‘N’ word. I can’t take any responsibility for it. None. I’m afraid Denis got his wires a little crossed in remembering that story.”


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