Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 28, 2010


Gasland is a documentary of the U.S. natural gas mining industry that aired on HBO last Monday night and now is available on HBO on Demand and on PBS.  HBO is airing several original productions on Monday night through out the summer.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Interview with Josh Fox

Gasland of Facebook

In every Google search you do for Gasland a paid advertisement for  Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc. article debunking documentary is here.

I watched the entire documentary and was left feeling like okay we are really on the way to “The Road.”  After not silting my wrist or packing to be ready for a hacking trip the equator region I began to think that this film did feel very stylized.  It was almost too well done.  For example, it is filmed to look like Josh is on this road trip across Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, etc. on his own.  But then you realize that there is Josh’s camera and so there as to other cameras filming and an entire crew.

As to the industry sponsored debunking.  It spends a great deal of time arguing against the chemical used arrangement made but leaves out many of the chemicals listed by an industry official at a congressional hearing.   It also misrepresents the claim about the number of trucks used at each site.  The film does not say that every site requires 1,150 as the debunking article suggests it does provide the numbers as a range.

And highlighted in red at the top of the article is that fish kill at Dunkard Creek in Greene County, PA was caused by coal mining not natural gas mining.  Which really is more of a whatever moment and should just be clear that all energy mining comes with risk than a complaint against this documentary.


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