Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 17, 2010

Sports the Ancient Greek Way

I say we go back to the way the Greek did it. “Two thousand eight hundred years ago, enormous crowds of men gathered at the foot of Mt. Olympus in Greece to watch the best male athletes compete in a race – the first Olympics. The young run- ners rubbed their bodies with olive oil and raced in the nude. They had developed their physiques in the gymnasia (“places to exercise nude”) and their perfect bodies and prowess were an offering to the king of the gods, Zeus. Winners were immortalized as demigods in statuary and enjoyed great prestige and wealth.”

Gods of Sport is the work of Australian photographer Pedro Virgil and his collaborators – young players from Australia’s two football (rugby) leagues. (via



  1. Gee…I might almost begin to follow sportsshould this come to pass!


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