Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 15, 2010

Elton John and Rush Limbaugh Agree

Many people have been wondering why Elton John preformed at Rush Limbaugh’s 4th wedding.  Some have even homed that it was to show the hypocrisy of Rush’s argument for the sanctity of marriage.  This being Rush’s 4th marriage how could Rush argue for the sanctity of anything.

I often argued that what Rush spews on air is not anything that he really believes in and he might actually like Elton John’s music.  Or the other answer could be that Elton needed an extra million for some reason.

The real reason is that has been reported by Edge New England.  Elton John agrees with what Rush spews on air when it comes to marriage equality.  The Edge reports that in a June 8 article at Big Hollywood Elton john explains his view on why voters in California repealed the then-existing right of gay and lesbians families to enter legal wedlock.  “Marriage is going to but a lot of people off, the word marriage, I don’t want to be married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership.  Heterosexual people get married.  We can have civil partnerships.”

How many times are we going to have to prove that separate but equal doesn’t work?  How does continuing the second-class status for our relationships equate to equality?  I study in New Jersey proved that civil unions are not give gays and lesbians the same rights of marriage.  The main reason for marriage equality is that people in committed relationships be treated the same way under law and by classifying same-sex relationships as civil unions it is easy for government agencies, employers and everyone to view same-sex relationship as less than and not equatable to an opposite relationship.



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