Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 6, 2010


To sum up those opposed to President Obama position on the Gulf coast oil leak is to simply say it is all President Obama fault.  It is President Obama’s Katrina.  Why isn’t he doing more to stop the oil spewing from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico?  Why did he wait so long to do anything at all?

Of course this flies in their face because their main argument is that government is too big. Don’t forget that they want the Environmental Protection Agency to be abolished.  The energy market should be free from bureaucracy so that it can answer to the demand of the people and the decisions of the private investors.  Which under the Bush administration and after the private Cheney talks with leaders of the oil industry they basically had.  We cannot forget at the time when this rig (that blew up, killed 11 people and created the largest environmental mess in years) was getting its permits that the regulatory agency was busy trading premits and leases for sex and drugs. Outside of the corruption involved  (it would have been better if Bush and Cheney had just abolished the agency) the oil industry and BP a perfect examples of everything the Tea Party, Libertarians and Republicans want from government.  To get out of the way and let industry regulate itself.

Gets even better this morning on ABC This Week with Liz Cheney.  Let’s see how much money does this women stand to inherit once her old man’s heart finally gives out?  How much interest or stock does she already own in Halliburton? She sit there and brings up some idiot that blamed George Bush for the end of the Gores marriage earlier this week  in order to discredit the problem that Halliburton and everyone has that wants less regulations from our government.

Arianna Huffington is exactly right when she says that, “it is absolutely 1000 percent Bush-Cheney’s fault, plus the fact that the Obama administration has not really done enough fast enough to change what’s happening at the MMS agency, at all sorts of other agencies. Not just when it comes to the energy problems, when it comes to Wall Street — all over, we are seeing the complete success of the kind of regulatory system that Bush-Cheney wanted. And we’re seeing this is the inevitable result of what they wanted.”

It is really late in the game now that no one knows how to fix the mess.  It seems so far the latest fix is working but if we had required BP to drill a relief well along with the main one we wouldn’t be in the current situation.  If the regulatory agency had been doing it’s job and making sure that all regulations were being followed instead of sexing and drugging we wouldn’t be in the current situation.

We need a strong Federal government that is over seeing the best interest of the people and will not allow the market to do whatever it thinks is best otherwise we end up with what we have now in the Gulf of Mexico.


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