Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 1, 2010

Tea Party Will Destroy GOP

This Sunday the Boston Globe ran an article confirming what I have been saying all along.  The Tea Party Movement will be the end of the Republican party.  see The Tea Party is History, and Rand Paul the Canary in the Tea Party coal mine.

The Tea Party is making a strong showing in the Republican primaries but these candidates will be unable to attract independents and moderates in the general elections this Fall.  “Republicans are definitely doing Democrats a favor if they nominate these Tea Party candidates,’’ said Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, which has surveyed several of the states where such candidates are in play. “Even if these Tea Party candidates win in the primaries, things can look a lot worse in the general.’’

Democrats, however, see opportunity where Tea Party candidates have thrived. Even if Paul wins the Kentucky Senate seat against Democrat Jack Conway, his comments on civil rights are likely to energize African-American voters, who could deprive Republicans of picking up one or more House seats in the Bluegrass State, said University of Kentucky political science professor Stephen Voss.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, believes Democrats could pick up a seat in Kentucky — and prevent the GOP from ousting Democrats in Nevada and Colorado if Republican voters support Tea Party candidates there as well. “The mainstream is losing out to the extreme,’’ he said of the Republican primaries.

In Colorado, another target state for Republicans, Tea Party-approved candidate Ken Buck has surged in the polls and is nearly tied with Jane Norton, who was recruited by Cornyn’s committee to run for the US Senate. But Buck is still a weaker potential candidate against either Democrat running, according to an average of polls by

Even high-profile successes can have unintended consequences. Marco Rubio, one of the galvanizing figures of the Tea Party movement, has been so successful in his campaign to represent Florida in the Senate that the previous front-runner, Governor Charlie Crist, dropped out of the GOP primary and is running as an independent.



  1. Interesting. I’m in Colorado and I’ve watched the Tea Party here. The GOP candidate, Jane Norton, is pathetic and has no chance to in the general against Bennet or Romanoff. Now the Tea Party candidate, Ken Buck, has a much better chance….he doesn’t pander to the fringe, he stands firm regardless of what folks want him to say, and he is very likable guy. The Tea Party here is doing the GOP and the people a service – cuz the GOP will NEVER get there act together. Here are a couple of articles to refer to if you don’t believe me: and
    and (this one is an interview by a liberal – who liked Buck!).


  2. From your links it seems that Ken Buck has a chance in Colorado. I would say he is very similar to Senator Brown and is running a very similar no nonsense campaign has did Brown.


  3. […] Tea Party Good for America Rasmussen poll states that 46% of Americans think the Tea Party is good for America.  I would have to agree given that the Tea Party Movement is dividing and destroying the Republican party chances of increasing their numbers in the Fall.  See Tea Party Will Destroy GOP […]


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