Posted by: Boston Bravery | June 1, 2010

Tea Party Movement Equals Putting Yourself First

Short video that describes why mixed capitalism is the best.  I adapted a piece of the video’s creators 1987 paper to fit today’s Tea Party:

Tea Party Movement members would act incorrectly in the infamous 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese on a street corner in Queens.  Ms. Genovese was murdered while thirty-eight of her neighbors looked on for over half an hour without either intervening or even calling the police.  Such inaction is both obviously intuitively wrong and also self-defeating to the actor (or, more correctly, non-actor) because of the dangerous social situation it defines.  This inaction is no difference the Tea Party member protesting against health care reform while clinging to his\her Medicare.  The member does not want the government or anyone to intervene and put his\her life and love of it in danger. Further, by saying he\she never be required live for the sake of another, the cannot live their lives for Ms. Genovese’s sake even long enough to make a phone call or better why should they?



  1. […] simple mix capitalism is the best summed up in Tea Party Movement Equals Putting Yourself First. It is all about balance some industries flourish bested in well regulated capitalism while others […]


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