Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 30, 2010

Palin Loves Ex-Con Neighbors

Sarah Palin doesn’t like the fact that author Joe McGinniss moved in next door and is working on a book on her. So what does Palin do? Naturally, she smears the author as a would-be sexual predator who’s trying to peer into her windows.

Palin quickly made the media rounds. Nailing herself to the rhetorical cross, the partial-term governor and full-time Fox News flak, attacked McGinniss as a “creepy” “odd character,” claiming his moving in next door was “sick.” She feared him “peering” through her windows, and whipped the right-wing mob into a get-McGinnis frenzy. (The McGinniss death threats have already been spotted.)

All of this, of course, was based on nothing more than Palin’s unbending hatred for the press and an intense desire to continue her full-time job of playing the media victim. (Palin could have objected to McGinniss moving in without playing the sex offender card.)

But guess what? As Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore first reported at Huffington Post, between 2006 and 2008, the house right next door to Palin (and the one now occupied by McGinnis) was run by Oxford House, a sort of half-way home for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. That’s right.  Recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. But at the time, did Alaska celebrity Palin used her children to launch a p.r. campaign against Oxford House? Did Palin suggest the recovering addicts would be peering into her windows or posed an imminent threat to her young girls?

As best I can tell, Palin did not. But today, Palin heads a smear campaign against a world-famous author, depicting him the most odious way possible; as a possible sexual predator.

This is Palin’s norm open mouth and insert foot.



  1. It’s funny – but Palin’s only response that I actually heard was that this guy is writing a book about her and living right next door with full viewing access of her kitchen and her daughter’s bedroom window. That he is an odd character is the only comment against him. He is a paid snoop with full intention to snoop on her and her family. Drug addicts recovering are not paid to snoop and her family wasn’t a target.

    Mixing the two as a comparison is reaching.

    I don’t recall her calling him a sexual predator. However, she is no longer in politics but the political arena is still SO FEARFUL of her that they are still trying to minimize her in some way … any way. The fact that you still bring her up says the same.

    Go ahead. Try. It is a badge of honor to know that she bothers the flip side so much. 🙂


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