Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 13, 2010

Hingham Catholic School Can Exclude Anyone

Like the the Catholic school in Boulder, CO another Catholic school as reject a student based on the child’s parents gay relationship.  I am in no way want to suggest that I support the Catholic church’s position.  It is pure and simple discrimination.  I do support that the church has a right to discriminate.   It is a private church based organization and everyone in the United States as a right to free association.

I am also very unsure why any gay or lesbian couple would chose to send their child to a Catholic church that would openly teach their child that there is something wrong with the child’s parents.  I really believe the parents are as wrong as the Church is in both of these cases.  Yes the Church needs to change and realize that all people are part of God’s creation but it is wrong to use a child to fight for equality.

The only time I would support such actions is if there were no other schools available to proved an excellent education and this is simply not the case in Boulder, CO or Hingham, MA.


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