Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 10, 2010

All Hail King Limbaugh

The nomination of Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court Justice was no surprise to anyone given the White House leaked late last week.  I was interested to see that FakeNews this morning and many conservatives was being extremely supportive of her up coming nomination.  For example Fox’s Bream predicts Kagan will get  GOP votes because she is “brilliant” and a “consensus=builder.”  And Reagan’s Solicitor General Charles Fried described her as an “awesomely intelligent person” and “a superb lawyer and and an awesomely intelligent person.  In discussions with students and in conference and dispute with colleagues, she has deftness, a quickness and an aptness of phrase — with tincture at all of pomposity or self-importance — that show she will be able to argue to the Court with consummate skill.”   Many from Bush judicial nominee Miguel Estrada and Peter Keisler.

Then Limbaugh got on the air.  And has decreed that Kagan is a “liberal elitist list theoreticians that has no clue how real Americans live.” And that “Obama has chosen himself in a different gender” — “She is a pure academic elitist radical.”

And then the news changed…


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