Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 7, 2010

Tea Party is History

Doing it wrongEver since the New York Times\CBS poll came out I have seen less coverage of the tea baggers. Now there is even more that the Tea Party is just a passing fade.  A Washington Post-ABC News poll came out yesterday showing that the Tea Party has very little influence beyond the Republican party. “Most Americans — including large majorities of those who don’t already count themselves as supporters — say they’re not interested in learning more about the movement. A sizable share of those not already sympathetic to the tea party also say that the more they hear, the less they like the movement.”

Of course when the President said, “So I’ve been amused in recent days by these people having rallies, I think they should be saying thank you.” Big applause, and calls of “Thank you” from the crowd.

Really I will spending less time worry about this insignificant pointless movement…  We will see if they can reorganize in to a serious cause and not just movement for their corporate masters.



  1. […] have been saying all along.  The Tea Party Movement will be the end of the Republican party.  see The Tea Party is History, and Rand Paul the Canary in the Tea Party coal […]


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