Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 7, 2010

Senator Graham Loves the 2nd Amendment and Hates the 5th

When asked about taking away their 2nd amendment right Senator Graham said, ““I think you’re going too far here.”  However, he is more than okay with taking away there 5th amendment right, “I am all into national security. … I want to stop reading these guys their Miranda rights.”

Here he is on video describing his logic:

You gotta love Republican logic like this from Graham.

If we truly believe in these rights it doesn’t matter you citizenship status we should live by them at all times in all cases.  We do not get pick and choose which one we like and when we like them and when don’t like them.  They work and should applied to all people at all times.



  1. What a jerk.
    Now, I don’t believe in Death Panels, but couldn’t we put this guy in front of a Mental Health Panel?


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