Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 7, 2010

And the Nominee Will Be…

I have heard that President Obama will nominate Elena Kagan on Monday for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Steven.

“The pick isn’t official, but top White House aides will be shocked if it’s otherwise,” Allen says. “Kagan’s relative youth (50) is a huge asset for the lifetime post. And President Obama considers her to be a persuasive, fearless advocate who would serve as an intellectual counterweight to Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia, and could lure swing Justice Kennedy into some coalitions.”

Get ready for the fun to began. The have already started with Ed Whelan’s comments about Elena Kagan that military veterans at Harvard Law School strongly criticized the notion that Kagan was anti-military. But we need to highlight one other line in Whelan’s post . Whelan writes of Kagan’s decision to allow the military full recruiting access despite her opposition to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”: “But, as George Bernard Shaw would have said to Kagan for selling out her supposedly deeply held principles, ‘We’ve already established what you are, ma’am. Now we’re just haggling over the price.’ ”

I am sure there will be more to come over the weeks leading up to and during her confirmation hearings.



  1. […] of Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court Justice was no surprise to anyone given the White House leaked late last week.  I was interested to see that FakeNews this morning and many conservatives was being extremely […]


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