Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 6, 2010

How Did the Tea Party Members Get the Name Tea-bagger

The “Right Wing” seems to want to blame  Janeane Garogalo for calling them tea-baggers.  I guess she has more name recognition than Rachel Maddow and Anne Marie Cox.  Not the Rachel and Anne provide the term for them either it was completely made up from the Tea Parties themselves.  Here are the video’s to prove it.  The first time Tea-bagging is mention is on The Rachel Maddow Show because the Tea Partier, FakeNews, and the Republicans are telling everyone to Tea-bag: Notice the date is April 9, 2009.  It is very clear that the Tea Party started using the term the tea bag this and tea bag them. Here is where the Tea-Baggers want the term to be orginated on Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Which is dated April 16, 2009. Here is Rachel on Tea-Bagging before the Countdown segment:



  1. […] Tea Party Members Got the Name Tea Bagger Yesterday I posted the actual history has to when I first heard the Tea Party Members referred to tea […]


  2. […] What you also should notice through out all these linked segments is the detail that she provides when covering a story.  Other than PBS News Hour I have not heard the quality of quantity of detail provided.  You can see this in her initial coverage of the tea party movement. […]


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