Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 4, 2010

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

I saw SpeakEasy Stage Company‘s current production of “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” on Sunday afternoon.  I have to say I have not giggled and laughed through a musical as much as have during this one.  Edge Boston said in Kilian Melloy’s review, “everybody needs a little laughter, and part of humor’s healing tonic is knowing how to laugh at ourselves.”

To describe what this musical is about is difficult but it is best summed up on Boston Theatre Scene as, “about agoraphobia, adultery, spray cheese, road kill, hysterical pregnancy, a broken electric chair, kleptomania, flan and disco. When Pippi, a stripper on the run, comes between the Dr. Phil–loving, agoraphobic Jeannie and her tollbooth collector husband Norbert, storm clouds gather over Armadillo Acres, Florida’s most exclusive trailer park.”

All the review are glowing:

But how could not enjoy an performance with Leigh Barrett, Mary Callanan, and Kerry A. Dowling?

Get your tickets here and do it fast I have heard that they are going quickly.  Currently running through rest of the month of May.


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