Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 4, 2010

Politically Speaking What’s In a Word?

A Pew Research Center poll conducted April 21-26 among 1,546 adults, measured reactions to nine political words and phrases.

The political rhetoric seems to be working when you break the results down by party.  Most interesting is that no political groups has an a majority negitive reaction to the term “progressive.”

“However, majorities of Democrats (81%), independents (64%) and Republicans (56%) have a positive reaction to ‘progressive.'”

Also “libertarian” is fairly mixed in how everyone responds to the term.  With Republicans actually have the strongest negative impression

“More than four-in-ten independents (44%) react positively to the word “libertarian,” while 32% have a negative reaction. Democrats are nearly evenly divided (39% positive, 37% negative). However, Republicans on balance have a negative impression of this term (44% negative, 31% positive).”

Also broken down by age group.


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