Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 4, 2010

NewsCorp Influence on Wall Street Journal

When NewsCorp pruchased WSJ I was wondering when it was going to start using it spread NewCorp rhetoric like it does with all it other media outlets.  It has started in a May 3 editorial, “Free Speech for Some” claimed that “[u]nions get a pass from new campaign finance disclosure rules” and asserted that “the real goal” of the legislation “sponsored by Democrats Charles Schumer in the Senate and Chris Van Hollen in the House” is “to muzzle criticism — at least from some people.” Further stating, ‘When President Obama berated the High Court earlier this year for its free speech ruling, he was very specific about whose free speech he opposed. ‘This is a major victory for Big Oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and other powerful interests,’ said Mr. Obama of the decision, suggesting that despite the good governance rhetoric, this legislation is not about muzzling spenders generally so much as specific spenders who don’t always salute the Democratic agenda.”

Get ready for this line to be the talking point on all “Right wing” media soon.

This is simply false Republican Representative Mike Castle from Delaware said during a April 29 press conference, ”

I don’t see why this issue is a partisan one that should divide us, as we have heard. There is equal treatment and the requirement of all interest groups included in this bill, as Chris has explained — corporations, unions, and issue groups alike — to disclose the money trail when they participate in campaign activities. I hope we can have an open dialogue about the bill as it moves through the process, to ensure that there is equal treatment across the board.

And I would like to join with all of my colleagues in support of this and the continuing work as it does wend its way through the process here in the House, and I assume in the Senate.”


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