Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 3, 2010

Rachel Maddow Does It Again Friday Part II

Rachel Maddow followed with more information on FAIR on Friday night.  Pointing out the lies from Dan Stein, FAIR President from the previous night’s interview.  Here are a couple highlights:

If you go to Mr. Stein‘s own Web site you will find that, quote, “FAIR has committed $150,000 to help ensure that the Protect Arizona Now initiative is put before the state‘s voters in November.” If you don‘t believe FAIR themselves on that number, you can also check their actual payments that were documented on the Arizona Secretary of State Web site.  Quote – this is the official contribution filing from Protect Arizona Now.

You can see there – April 1st, 2004, $50,000 from FAIR.  Same day, $50,000 from the FAIR Congressional Task Force.  May 11th, 2004, $25,500 from FAIR; same day $25,000 from the FAIR Congressional Task Force.   June 11th, $50,000 from FAIR; same day, $55,000 from the FAIR Congressional Task Force.  A grand total of $255,500 paid from FAIR to Protect Arizona Now.

That‘s on the Arizona Secretary of State‘s Web site.

You‘re lying when you say that.  That wasn‘t the only thing that we need to correct the record on from this segment that we did last night.  I want to be clear here and to do so, I need to be a little bit blunt.

I did not say anything factually incorrect in our interview last night.  Not that we could find any way in our big postmortem fact check that we did on the interview today.

But Dan Stein, president of FAIR, was my guest.  And I have always believed that an invitation to be a guest on the show is implicitly an assurance from me to you, the viewer, that the person in my guest chair is worth listening to.

And so while I‘m not trying to be rude to Mr. Stein as a guest and I know FAIR likes to represent itself as a credible source of information on the subjects they work on, I do feel the need to correct the record on several statements Dan Stein made on the show as if they were facts that were actually flat-out lies or at least misleading.

In addition to him lying flat-out about funding that group, Protect Arizona Now, there was another sort of weird moment where Dan Stein denied ever saying something that he was reported to have said.

This is much more where he tried to disassociate from the extremely racists comments of FAIR’s founder John Tanton.  It was clear that everything is of public record watch the video or read the transcript here.



  1. […] She wants those that don’t agree with with on her show though they rarely agree to show given how she has always shown to be fools at best.  The best or the most recent example of this her recent Interview segment with Dan stein the president of FAIR and her review of the segment the next night. […]


  2. I am a veteran and as such, offended that she is wrapped in the United States flag.

    That is disrespectful. We are not supposed to WEAR it.


    • I don’t think the picture of Rachel wrapped in a U.S. flag disrespectful. There are too many people wearing hats, coats, etc. that are made to look like the U.S. flag. Also it amazes me how many people today want to wear or have politicians wear an U.S. flag pin that is made in China.


    • Rachel madcow is proving that america is dead. There is no such thing as the america that the founding fathers created. The constitution has been raped to death by the joke presidents you fools have voted in for the last couple decades, the current monkey in office being the absolute worst and most evil ever. A filthy evil antiwhite lesbian like rachel madcow wrapped in the flag only goes to further prove what a joke this country has become. The government of this country is a gross mockery of what the founding fathers made, making more communist unconstitutional enslavement laws every day until you get what you have now. The government should be afraid of its people, not the other way around. I believe one of our founding fathers said that, didn’t they? Who was it who said when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.


      • Personally, I think it is foul-mouthed bigots like you that are the detriment of our once-great country. Besides bashing others; what have YOU done to make this country better?


      • Interesting comment John. There is no foul language and even if there was what makes our country great is our civil rights which included the freedom of speech. Another thing that makes our country great is the diversity of thoughts and ideas. From your comment I get the impression that you don’t like any diversity would prefer that everyone thought and acted like yourself or what you think is how everyone should act and think. I get the feeling that you would be more comfortable in a Fascist system that is tells everyone how to think.

        John you have asked what I have done to make this country better. Well I have a strong history of working for the equality of all. Again another ideal that makes this country great. What have you done to make this country better? Your comment again leads me to believe that you are all about making sure everyone falls in line. That all diversity of thoughts and ideas should be squashed.


  3. I think those who object to Rachel wearing the US flag have missed the whole point to Freedom of Speech and expression of personal belief. If we are not free to express our love of our country by wrapping ourselves in our treasured symbol, then what true freedoms do we have? I much more strenuously object to people who figuratively wrap themselves in the flag, while destroying our true freedoms to express ourselves, publicly or privately. I strongly object to people decrying the abuse of the flag, while destroying the very country and land that it stands for (pollution of land, sea, and air). Which is the real crime… wearing the flag, or suggesting we remove all protection for the environment? Which is more offensive… wearing the flag, or selling our jobs to foreign interests?

    I would love to see Steven Colbert run for and win the office of President, with possibly a running mate of Jon Stewart, and appoint Rachel as the White House Press Secretary. Now, THAT would be a grand step towards an open and transparent government.


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