Posted by: Boston Bravery | May 3, 2010

Bill Moyers Journal Last Show

Last Friday night was the airing of the last episode of the Bill Moyers Journal.  The first segment was on the Populist.  The Populist aren’t the Tea Baggers organized by corporate interests and Republican operatives, they are a true movement of the people and for the people.

Then, one day, calamity struck: The system turned on them. And they discovered that they had been betrayed, bamboozled, by the people at the top.

But they didn’t hang their heads and turn tail, like a dog whipped by its master. They organized and fought back — millions of them in a grass roots movement for democracy. What they did became known as the Populist Moment, an extraordinary time in our country’s history.

But, the flimflam gang returned with a vengeance in our time — the monied interests and political mercenaries who connived to bring on a calamity that lost eleven million Americans their jobs, robbed people of their homes and pensions, and brought the world’s economy crashing down.

But once again, people are organizing and fighting back; as they did in that early Populist Moment that took on the monopolies and financial trusts. The stirrings of a popular insurgency could be seen late this week as thousands marched on Wall Street. These people are angry at the banks that have cost them so dearly and they want reforms to prevent similar disasters in the future. They want to break up the Wall Street oligarchy and require the banks to use their capital to build and revitalize and innovate, to create jobs and security.

Similar protests occurred this week in San Francisco, North Carolina and Kansas City, where people rallied to demand an accounting from the giant Bank of America.

Bill Moyers talked with Larry Ginter of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI), Larry Ginter still lives on the Iowa farm where he was born. He spent two years in the army, and more than fifty on the prairie scratching out a living from the land.

Some of Larry’s words of wisdom from Bill Moyers Journal:

  • “The preamble of the constitution says promote the general welfare. Well, does that sound like a government that’s hands off? That isn’t involved into the overall well-being of everybody in this country? So this idea of get government out of my life- I don’t know how that works. Because we’re supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. So how do I just take government out of my life? I am government!”
  • “Now is the time where Governor, stand up and say “No more messing around corporations, we’re putting our foot down.’ Because the corporations, are running rough shot over every part- section of our economy, and it’s damn time somebody stood up.”
  • “As a Catholic, there’s one thing that I’ve always felt about the bible that was, to me, was the ultimate truth. And that is loving your neighbor. Did you find out any more about that rally we were going to have? If you truly love your neighbor, you’re going to make sure that that neighbor’s treated fairly. Because if that neighbor is taken care of and he knows that you care or she knows that you care about them, maybe just maybe they’re going to care about Larry Ginter. And that’s going to catch on.”

There is much much more in this final episode if you would like click here to watch.

I will miss Bill Moyers Journal it as been one of the best sources of information.  It will be replaced with Need to Know with Alison Stewart and Jon Meachan



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