Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 30, 2010

Rachel Maddow Does It Again

On The Rachel Maddow Show in the Interview segment Rachel talked to Dan Stein president of FAIR.  Basically Dan Stein could not defend anything was just on to complain and shout.  Among very heated arguement many points were brought out like in this exchange:

MADDOW:  Was Rick Oltman – was a western field representative for FAIR?  Or a different job title?

STEIN:  Yes, Rick Oltman worked for FAIR, yes.

MADDOW:  He‘s linked to Council of Conservative Citizens.  We have a photo of him on a Council of Conservative Citizens panel here that we can put up here.  Council of Conservative Citizens –

STEIN:  Rachel, wait a minute.  Let me get this right.

MADDOW:  If you go to that group‘s Web site right now, here‘s what you‘ll find.

STEIN:  Wait, wait, wait.

MADDOW:  Hold on.  I‘ll write up –

STEIN:  You‘re saying – are you saying –

MADDOW:  There‘s a question at the end of this.  There‘s a write up on a book about African people and intelligence with – we have the picture of the Web site here, Council of Conservative Citizens – yes.  “Erectus Walks Amongst Us” – it‘s a sort of mockup between a black person and an ape.  They also have this summary of a recent Al Sharpton interview, quote, “Sheriff Arpaio debates the nappy-headed race hustler.”  Rick Oltman ties the Council of Conservative Citizens just like Virginia Abernethy.  He was on your payroll.  Was that also a mistake?  Or was that –

STEIN:  First of all, I think you‘re trying to raise divisive and inflammatory issues here.

MADDOW:  I‘m trying to get to the bottom of what FAIR is.



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