Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 29, 2010

If Illegal Immigration is Dropping Why Are Enacting New Laws?

New American Media sums up the Arizona’s new law perfectly, “The new Arizona law essentially gives the police unfettered powers to demand that anyone, any time, and anywhere must be ready to produce documents proving they are legally resident in the United States. That is an almost unimaginably un-American expansion of police authority, yet it is the logical end result of a policy that relies solely on enforcement.”

However that is not the most interesting part of the article.  It is the graph of illegal immigration and how it is dropping.  Which proves there is no need to increase the power of police in Arizona.  Illegal immigration going down.

The only reason that Arizona officials, Governor Brewer, wanted this law was to intimidate and scare people.  Or better to pit people against each other to distract them from the real issue is that these unelected officials (Governor Brewer) do not have a clue on how to run government.


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