Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 27, 2010

Why Government Doesn’t Work? The Republican Leadership

Yesterday Senator Dodd and Senator McConnell went to the floor before the vote on the financial reform bill.  The Republicans blocked bring the bill to the floor so that amendments could be debate and voted on.  If they really want to get it right let it go to floor and offer amendments.  I guess the Republican prefer things to be done in the back rooms and not out if front of the country where everyone can see what is going on.

The real reason Senator McConnell doesn’t want to bring the bill to floor is because the people he represents don’t want it.  You think that is good well it would be good if it was the people of Kentucky that don’t want the bill it but a recent poll — from the Pew Research Center — showed 59 percent of Americans want Washington to address financial reform before any other issue.  Instead Senator McConnell represents Wall Street.

If we want government to work we need to take the government back and make it represent the people.  Get rid of the influence big money has over our representatives.


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