Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 24, 2010

Sinead O’Connor Want’s the Church Turned Over to the People

Why does Rachel Maddow save the best for Friday night’s show?  Here are a couple highlights from The Interview segment with Sinead O’Connor:

Rachel: “Thanks to investigative reporting by the snims and others, we’ve learned that in 1980 the man who is now Pope Benedict was copied on a memo telling him a priest he sent to therapy for ped feel ya, quote, would be returned to pastoral work within days of beginning psychiatric treatment.”

Sinead: “And, yeah, the thing is I think that, you know, the vatican is — it’s a 15th ntury organition it’s a medieval organization.  What we’re seeing is a battle between medieval thinking and 21st century thinking.  hatfhey want to survive into the 21st century they’re going to have to become a 21st century business, which means that they are first of all, those who have brought the holy spirit and catholicism into total disrepute should be fired.  Who have was involved in the coverup of child abuse and therefore endangering children should be fired.  The pope should be fired.  Or should stand down.  There should be a criminal investigation of the vatican and of the pope.  They should all get out and let us in the 21st century whose who we think is fit to run our church.  Because it is ours.  It’s not theirs.  It shouldn’t be any more of this black smoke, white smoke nonsense, it’s them and us, it’s our church.  We need to reclaim it and have it run by people who actually believe in God.”

We should have listen to her back in 1992!


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