Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 21, 2010

Christian Extremists Finally Complain About President Obama’s Memo from Last Week

“What complicated this memo — and is a concern to us — is the third point, [in which] the president directs Health and Human Services to investigate and to look for ways to perhaps give even more rights to same-sex couples when it comes to hospital visitation and medical decision-making,” Carrie Gordon Earll, Spokeperson for Focus On the Family explains.

“That was specifically for that demographic and it did not include other unmarried people,” Earll continues. “So in that way it was most certainly perpetuating a political agenda that we have seen from this president.”

Hello Ms. Earll read the memo it was very generic in who it applied to.

Matt Barber of  Liberty Counsel:

“Really he’s given them…something [here] that they already have, [something] that every American has through advanced directives, powers of attorney, and so forth,” says the attorney. “So the president…is really just throwing a bone again to the yipping and yapping of various pressure groups that have been pushing him to adopt their agenda.”
Even if a homosexual is in intensive care and only immediate family can visit, Barber points out that advanced directives and powers of attorney address the situation. But the attorney adds that by his actions, President Barack Obama has shown “disdain for the law of the land” — the Defense of Marriage Act.
“Once again [he] just undermined the federal government’s recognition of the Defense of Marriage Act, which only recognizes marriage between one man and one woman as legitimate marriage in this country,” Barber remarks.

Mr. Barber please refer to the current discrimination against Clay and Harold.


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