Posted by: Boston Bravery | April 16, 2010

Tea Party Just a Brain … of Republican Operatives

Doing it wrongWe have been dealing with Tea Party ignorance for a year now and they have been trying to sell themselves off as grassroots and movement of the people. Now Politico as reported on a “Proposal” by a Republican consulting firm Russo Marsh + Rogers that proves that are nothing more than a fund-raising vehicle.

Now we understand why Sarah Palin is so tied in with Tea Party Express. I wonder how much they are paying her to speak? Do they have to insurance that she has her bendy straws and private jet?

Of course those that think the Tea Party is the best thing since sliced bread will defend it with more denial statements like, “It doesn’t matter I still believe in what the Tea Party stands for.”



  1. […] on the Populist.  The Populist aren’t the Tea Baggers organized by corporate interests and Republican operatives, they are a true movement of the people and for the […]


  2. […] Really I will spending less time worry about this insignificant pointless movement…  We will see if they can reorganize in to a serious cause and not just movement for their corporate masters. […]


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